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Conversation Series


...Not another D&I training

Mind Shifts conversational presentations combine brain science, systems theory, storytelling, culinary creations, and witty humor, to curate a safe space to engage in meaningful conversations that help shift organizational culture toward racial equity and culturally responsive best practices. Click here to learn more about specific topics and presentations currently offered. 

Sidney Frye II is a mental health and racial equity speaker. He has a Master's of Divinity degree from Bethel University, as well as a Master's Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Sidney teaches Adolescent Psychology at North Central University, and has served within the Corrections and Child Welfare systems, supervising and helping to develop programs that work to address racial disparities. A loving husband and proud father of five, Sidney is an avid soul food enthusiast, and aspiring cheesecake connoisseur.  

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You can't change your setting...without changing your mindset.

Sidney L. Frye II

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